COVID Doesn't Belong at Work or at Home

Hire Safe Disinfecting Service to prevent the spread AND make your space safe after exposure.

  • Kills COVID-19 (and all other viruses in just 15 seconds)
  • 100% safe, less-toxic disinfecting products
  • Available for both regular treatments and emergency exposures
  • EPA registered products
  • Get back to work and life within 30 minutes of the disinfection

Kick COVID to the curb and decontaminate your space.

We don't like COVID (or the anxiety and business closures it brings) so we're fighting back. That's why are working around the clock for YOU. To protect what matters most--your family, your employees, and your clients and customers.

We've been making spaces safer since 2018 with our non-toxic, electrostatic disinfecting sprays. We eliminate and inhibit germs, viruses, and bacteria with EPA registered products and scientifically backed application methods so that you can stop worrying and get back to your life and work.

Want more information on our Disinfecting Services?

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Our hospital-grade disinfection methods are 100% non-toxic and approved by the FDA, WHO, CDC and EPA.

Our clients are happy. Here's what they have to say:

"They are responsive, professional and have offered last minute Covid Cleaning (Exposure) services. Upon arrival, the services are exceptional and they go above and beyond to provide not only cleaning but recommendations on improvements in our janitorial and cleaning methods throughout the facility. We highly recommend them and will continue to use their services.”

-Cassandra Oliva

Our 3 Step System

We use electrostatic spraying, fogging & speciality microfiber wiping for a thorough 360° clean of every surface, object and even the air!

1. Assess

When we talk, we'll discuss your disinfecting needs & carry out a risk assessment.

2. Plan

Our team will pre-plan their route of disinfection, what chemicals we use & take precautions to mitigate exposure.

3. Disinfect

Finally, we will implement our planning to thoroughly disinfect your location with a 360° approach and you'll be back to work within minutes.

Our Disinfection Methods are Used in the Following Companies:

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